Various benefits

In addition to the commercial payback for the company, there will be a suite of environmental and social benefits to the project which are covered by the investment:


  • The local income level will increase due to more and additionally skilled employment needed on the farm

  • Hybrid renewable electricity will end load shedding for the village

  • Irrigation Water savings due to drip irrigation

  • Clean water supply for the village will reduce serious health risks

  • Sewage water treatment for the village will reduce serious health risks

  • Bearable school conditions due to operating fans and light – students will be encouraged to attend school in the hot summers      

  • Bearable BHU conditions due to electricity, fans and light along with medicine storage – and to improve hygiene – makin
    patient’s stay bearable

A relevant share of additional income (exceeding minimum profitability levels) will be shared with the community for social programs, education and health.

A side benefit is a strong anchoring of the projects in the communities leading to a protective environment for the investment.

“Our Vision is to improve the quality of life of the people in Pakistan by integrating the production of high quality food with local job creation, reliable electricity supply and improved hygiene standards”