Solar PV

Together with our Partners, IRDC provides states of the art PV solutions in agriculture, be it Solar for Drip Irrigation or Solar powered pumps, we have a solution for every problem. Our partners 8.2 Renewable Energy Experts Pakistan and Hamburg have a combined experience which is second to none and are the best possible choice for anything PV.


We at IRDC provide state of the art Biogas solutions in collaboration with our partners PVLab Pakistan Pvt. Ltd. These include medium to large, and industrial scale biogas plants for our customers. We are probably the only company in Pakistan who can boast about having experience in installation, operations and maintenance of a Continuously Stirred Tank Reactor biogas system in Pakistan.

Drip Irrigation

Apart from being a consultant for Drip Irrigation systems in Pakistan, IRDC owns and operates around 100 acres of Drip Irrigated lands powered by Solar at our farm in Faisalabad. We are fully capable of consulting you on all your irrigation needs.

Tunnel Farming

IRDC has ample experience in off season farming techniques so get in touch!

Cold Storage

Cold storage solutions with less energy consumption and low carbon footprint is also our forte. We bring German technology to Pakistan for state of the art cold storage techniques. Please get in touch for a quote.

Fertilizer Production

IRDC owns and operates a state of the art fertilizer production facility well integrated into our solar and biogas power plant. For manufacturing consultancy, get in touch!

“We use different technologies in our Integrated Farming Project”